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Creating Custom Configuration Properties using EPDM/Datacards

Question asked by Jon Cumblad on Oct 19, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2013 by Edward Moreno

Hey everybody,


Got a bit of a confusing one here, and its difficult to explain so stick with me.


My story starts in 3DVIA, where we are tring to populate the configuration specific descriptions into our BOM's.


However, composer does not read the SW-Configuration Description property. So the only way we can get the description into composer is to create a custom variable so we can export the metadata to composer. So what i'm trying to do is have the variable in EPDM (which is reading the configuration specific descriptions) push a custom property back onto the parts and assemblies. I can create the property manually, but seeing as there are a couple thousand parts, i'd love it if i can push the vaule from EPDM. This is where i'm stuck, and i was hoping you all might have some insight as to how to acomplish this.


I've included a couple screen shots and will add more if needed. Thank you in advance for your time.