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Help with a design

Question asked by George Smit on Oct 18, 2012
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I'm quite new to Solidworks, and don't have much Mechanical engineering experience when it comes designing parts and doing analysis on them. I know the basics about fatigue, creep, tensile testing, material properties etc.


I've designed a pole to hole my GoPro on the end. It is similar to the product GoPole ( I will be using this for skiing, and I reason I want to make my own is that this product isn't good enough for my purpose.


I have downloaded GoPro Cad files of GrabCad, and have assembled the prototype but I want to analysis the design. Im pretty sure it wont fail but I like learning new things so I thought this would be a cool thing to look at!


Basically I wanted to know what kind of tests should I do using the Simulation add-in.


Can you do test with no extrnal loadings? Looking at the stresses of the all the parts in the assembly based on me just holding the pole. How do you do that?


What kind of test could I do for external loads? I'm not sure what kind of loads this pole would experience. Me standing on the pole?? Dropping the pole from 300 foot onto concrete?


Any help would be great!


Thanks heaps!