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I want to run a parametric flow study, not optimization. Is it possible?

Question asked by Alex Kramer on Oct 18, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2012 by Alex Kramer

I just started using Solidworks Flow Simulation 2012. The example presented in the training manual for a parametric study is really an optimization problem. It is looking for the value of a dimension which satisfies a pressure force condition.


I want to know the flow vs inlet pressure curve for a channel. I can make a table in which each row represents the pressure at the inlet boundary condition and the program should run a simulation for each row of the table and return the mass flow through the channel in a table. Of course I could do this manually by making a new configuration for each row in the table and do a batch run, but what if I want 50 rows in the table and I want to run it on 30 different gases?


Can Flow Simulation run a simulation multiple times with one parameter varied, and report the results in a table? This is a feature that people who design products would really use a lot.