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Using Modo materials in PhotoView 360 2013

Question asked by Ron Bates on Oct 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2013 by Karl R. Pettersen

Apologies to everyone for the delay in getting this opened up.  We're now live, so you can get from the customer portal into the luxology assert sharing site and begin download and using modo materials in PhotoView 360 2013.


Watch this video for a complete walkthrough and some extra information:(



Quick steps are:

- Login to the customer portal.

- Click the "PhotoView 360 Appearances" link in the Download section

- Click the "SolidWorks Asset Sharing" site link

- Download a material asset

- Unzip to a folder

- Make sure said folder is a "custom" folder in the list of appearances (click add custom location if not)

- Drag, Drop, have fun!!