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equations manipulating global variables of parts/subassemblies in top level assy's

Question asked by Mark Everett on Oct 18, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2012 by Mark Everett

i have a weldment with global equations that when a number is put in for "head pulley height" other variables are set based on that input such as length of beam, number of left and right  angled cross braces and the position of those braces as well as the strait braces.  this works great in the weldment.  My problem comes in when i bring the weldment into an upper level assembly and try to manipulate the global variable of head pulley height from the upper level assembly it shows it updating under managing equations but it does not update the weldment.  Similarily i have a spreader support that i have the beam set with an external ref. to the base plate and a limit dim set on the beam length in the initial assy it does what i want, when the base plate is moved the beam weldment follows and it's length is changed accordingly wrt to the base plate position, however when i bring that assembly into another assembly even tho i have set it as flexible the beam will not update its length when the base plate is moved, ideally i am trying to open the top level assy' and change the "head pulley height" and have it change my frame length, number and position of braces and holes patterns, as well as the position and height of the spreader support.  using configurations is not practical in this application because there is no series of set lengths for the frame length or the spreader height, i need these to be completely variable.  is there a way to control sub assemblies in this manner from the top level?  thanks