Charles Culp

Essex is Hiring Engineers and Designers

Discussion created by Charles Culp on Oct 17, 2012

We are in the St Louis, MO area, and we are currently hiring engineers and designers, especially those with experience. If you are interested, send me a private message.


Aerospace & Defense

Essex Industries has been a part of virtually every major military and commercial aerospace program, providing life support systems, ground support systems, platform controls and a wide range of aircraft components.



First Response

Essex provides a variety of critical oxygen distribution systems and accessories to EMS air and ground transports. Victim and firefighter filters are available to support rescue efforts.




Essex serves this market with a wide range of protective breathing equipment designed to provide safe egress for individuals in hazardous situations. Thermal/electro-thermal valves and actuators address an important aspect of industrial safety.




Essex Industries is a key partner of respiratory equipment providers, supplying products that serve both the institution and home healthcare markets.