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    Weird display - HLR visible through shaded

    Michail Stockfelt



      I just ran into a bug or something.


      My assembly suddenly decided to treat many surfaces as transparent or some such. And it happens only in the assembly, if I open subassemblies or parts they look fine.


      Here is an example:


      To the left is the master assembly, to the right is the subassembly as opened.


      I find no settings that change this, and I cannot think of anything I did to cause it. There is no appearance overriding anything as far as I can see. Rebuilding and redrawing makes nothing.


      I have tried restarting SW 2012 and rebooting the PC (Win7 64bit) but it doesn't change.


      No other assemblies or parts in my work folder do this, and I use the same certified drivers as always. So I guess I have triggered some setting I don't know how to revert?