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    cwr. file re-read

    Otgondavaa Dashnyam

      Hi All

      Ever you experience in simulation analysis re-reading the CWR. file after crashing solidworks simulation analysis.


      Thank you,

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          Justin Strempke

          I'd like to know this too - had it happen after an almost 3 hr sim and don't really want to rerun it!  I get all my Results icons grayed out, with no database found upon clicking.  I have a 4.5GB .CWR file it should read somehow!

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              Brian Kent

              Same just happened to me.  I ran three Random Vibration studies simultaneously, and each generated a 22.8GB .cwr file, but the Results folder is grayed out.  What to do?

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                  Greg Fowler

                  I was having problems "losing" perfectly good results too.  I could see the .CWR file right next to the .SLDASM file in the same folder, and the study settings were pointing to the same folder, but I could not load the results after closing the file and re-opening it.


                  I turned out my problem had something to do with the fact that we store all of our models over a network drive.


                  If I keep the files on my local disc, I don't get the missing results problem...

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                Jared Conway

                if your system or solidworks crashes, there is a possibility of the results being disconnected from the file because the "location" cannot be written to the study

                there is unfortunately no workaround when this happens

                you have to rerun


                but there is a need for a feature here to reconnect results to the study and would recommend everyone submit an enhancement request for it and when you have a workflow that causes it, report to your reseller. in my experience all causes have been reproducible which helps the developers find ways to prevent it or add features to fix it.

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                    Philip Lane


                    This very thing happens to us once  a week. Sim completes, results displayed in feature tree (held in memory). Before a save is possible 'Solidworks encounters a problem and has to close.'

                    Re-start, presto - no results in feature tree.

                    Reported to VAR again today with request for enhancement inclusion.

                    Thank you.

                    Phil Lane.