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Where can I find a routeAssembly.asmdot file?  It's not where it should be since my upgrade to 2012, now with Routing.

Question asked by Erwin Buchner on Oct 17, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2012 by Deepak Gupta

Hi folks, new here.


I've had SolidWorks for many years but have just upgraded to the 2012, and added in the Routing (Premium).  Really looking forward to using the Routing!

The installation seemd to go well and it looks like things work as I try stuff out.


Except, it seems like some things were written to the older folders (and you know there are many places for these folders), some things were created in new folders, and yet some things seem to be not copied/installed at all.  For example, I cannot find a routeAssembly.asmdot file, and I'd really like to get going with the routing.


So I figure I will need to check all the file locations of all the important stuff, including which Toolbar is which, and get the pointers pointing to the right places.


Is there a list for default file locations, for typical installs, that I can check to?  And to make sure I have everything installed.

Is there a routeAssembly.asmdot file out there that I can use?



Thanking you in advance.