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Local revision changes to "no revision" in the middle of my workflow.

Question asked by Chris Haught on Oct 16, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2012 by Jim Sculley

I am hoping you all can help me out as I am new administrator who has been drinking from the firehose on how to use EPDM.


The first issue I am running into is I have checked in a PDF file.  I have the workflow action set the variable "Revision" with the %nextrevision% command and then perform the action Inc. Revision.  On the Version tab in explorer, the Latest Version and Local Version Match AND the local revision indicates "-" (which is what it should be for the 1st revision) AND my data card field updates to "-".  I am good to the state "Evaluating RFQ".  The only oddity to this point is the version did not increment when transition from "RFQ Not Processed" to "Evaluating RFQ".


Now here is where I get stuck; when I transition from "Evaluating RFQ" to "Confirming RFQ Quality with Customer", the latest and local version increment, but the local revision changes to "no revision" and my data card remains at "-" (which I would expect).  Any idea why this happening?


Not sure if this information is helpful or not, but if I manually Increment Revision in explorer under the Modify menu, the local revision changes from "no revision" to "A".  This seems incorrect as well because if it were at "no revision" then it should have incremented to "-".

RFQ workflow.jpg

I am stuck and at this point and would appreciated any help.  Thank you.