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Import DXF files to sketch to block

Question asked by Alexei Kositsin on Oct 17, 2012
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I'm having terrible time trying to import DXF files to blocks to sketch.


I'm getting files from PCB developers and trying to build pcb from it (simple one, not with circuit works) after import i'm trying to make block from it to move on existing part and my solidworks getting stuck. it shows only 3000 item to block and just stuck for hour.

I tried to simplify dxf import by removing layer and removing merge points but still.

It's only set of lines and curves so why program like this cannot handle it ??

I'm using import DXF/DWG function a lot.


Only solution i found is to delete from inserted dxf inner parts as many as i can but still to be able to use this dxf.


Please please please help. I need solution for this.

I'm sure that there lot of people that having same issue.



thanks in advance.