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    Import DXF files to sketch to block

    Alexey Kositsin



      I'm having terrible time trying to import DXF files to blocks to sketch.


      I'm getting files from PCB developers and trying to build pcb from it (simple one, not with circuit works) after import i'm trying to make block from it to move on existing part and my solidworks getting stuck. it shows only 3000 item to block and just stuck for hour.

      I tried to simplify dxf import by removing layer and removing merge points but still.

      It's only set of lines and curves so why program like this cannot handle it ??

      I'm using import DXF/DWG function a lot.


      Only solution i found is to delete from inserted dxf inner parts as many as i can but still to be able to use this dxf.


      Please please please help. I need solution for this.

      I'm sure that there lot of people that having same issue.



      thanks in advance.




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          John Burrill

          I do this quite a bit.  I use DXF files sent from our EE to mate the components on the board

          When you insert your DXF, don't bring it in as a sketch block.  Select the face of your PCB that you want to have the artwork and do Insert==>DWG/DXF

          This will take you through the import wizard and when you've finished specifying your settings it will ask if you want to explode the nested blocks so that it can merge points.  Say 'Yes'

          If you can get the functionality to work where it imports each layer to seperate sketch.

          In general, it's not worth the effort to have Solidworks add relations or merge points if your just goign to use the import to mate components.  If you want to be able to extrude the mechanical and component footprint layers, then you might try importing those seperately.

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              Alexey Kositsin

              Hey John

              Thanks for reply.

              I made this in different ways.


              Same result. With or without connecting points it takes too much time. DXF and DWG are basics of cad formats. And program with experience as solidworks have its inappropriate not to handle this task.

              Dxf of pbc with 4500 items take to solidworks calculate about 20 mins.

              Please help as to deal with it.


              Im sure about amount of users that use this task.



              Thanks again John



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                  Jerry Steiger



                  SolidWorks has never been very good at handling 2D data with a lot of elements. You might want to change your working methods to focus more on 3D data. For example, importing solid bodies for your PCB, traces, and components. There are tools you can buy to do this. I, for one, think it is money well spent.


                  Jerry S.

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                      Alexey Kositsin

                      Hey Jerry

                      I'm advanced user of solidworks. I have tons of expirience in this app.

                      I'm working as freelancer and i have to work with different clients.

                      Some of them still use 2D for most of their work. I have to handle it.

                      I have real powerful computer i built myself with professional graphic card (nvidia 4000).


                      I found lots tricks of solidwokrs that can help it to work faster.


                      About DXF, I use it to build model, reference and check other designs. I have no other way but to use it within solidwokrs.

                      I don't want to move to another app at this point.


                      There is another scenarios for using 2D data.

                      There is OLD files that doesnt have any 3D that can be marget to new designs.

                      I can write more, but i think it's clear that is still needed to work with 2D.


                      Sometimes i use autocad or Designsight to prepare data before importing to solidwokrs.

                      I think handle 2D data is basics, that need to be at least improved a little.


                      Thanks anyway for your coment.