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    Property Tab Builder / Custom Property Pane

    Gerald Davis

      During the development of custom property forms I frequently need to trigger the component to reload the form.  I do this by "selecting none" to force the system to reload the form.  Wouldn't it be swell to have a "reload" button instead of the current UI paradigm?


      Wouldn't it be fun to put the flyout form into "development mode" instead of launching the standalone orphan program called Property Tab Builder?


      Why doesn't Property Tab builder have a finished user interface? (recall of last ref file, copying of lists/fields from one form to another (prtprp to asmprp)

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          John Burrill

          Good questions all.  What do you think the usage percentage is for property pages?

          I've been using it with gusto since 2009 at every job I've had in that time, but I've found that I'm usually the only one in the engineering department that takes advantage of it-even in cases where I set it up for everyone and showed them how to use it.  I think with CAD, there's a comfort shell around the core tools that limits the incentive to find improved ways of doing things unless you have a natural proclivity for that sort of thing.  I think the interface is unfinished because the functionality hasn't garnered a lot of interest.

          Now, if you put up an enhancement request to improve the property pane, I'd vote for it, because I like being an outlier in this regaurd.


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              Gerald Davis

              John -

              I have converted everyone I've trained to using the custom property flyout pain (I was converted to using it by Kevin Van Liere).  I've converted about 1/3 of those to learning to use Prop tab builder so they can do it themselves.  The others are happier just manually editing properties because they know that workflow.


              PTB / flyout pain is a great workflow - single keystroke for each will fill in material, finish, tolerance - way more productive.


              Way cool functionality that is way under delivered and horribly underused.  But I shouldn't complain - it creates cash flow for me as a trainer.


              Yes, flyout panes are not painful but punny in text media nonetheless.

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              Bruce Laplant

              F5 will reload property file.

              Make sure your curser is in the property tab area first, than press F5

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                Bernie Daraz

                Nothing better in SW as far as I'm concerned. At one place we make 4 different drawings for each assembly, for sales, documentation, fabrication and assembly practice. Some required different numbering and it is great to have everything listed, referred to and maintained in one file. I don't think you can beat it for organization and automation.

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                    JOHN GEORGE



                    I am not a big fan of SW PTB, still it does a decent job.

                    We also makes drawings for Engineering, Shop floor and CNC departments.

                    I setup my PTB to add properties for each of these different drawings

                    Some of the properties are captured from an Excel file and some of them from an Access file

                    You can configure most of the properties, the way you want