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Bend radius with air bending tools

Question asked by Mark Aranovich on Oct 16, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2012 by Davis George

Please, help me to solve a problem with airbending tools.

Half year ago my company bought new AccurePress Edge bending machine.

As part of the deal we bought set of airbending tools insteard of our old bottoming tools.
Sales rep convinced management , that in this way we can save on tooling and use same sat of tools for different gauges.

Most used in our facility is 20, 18 and 16 gauge. As per rep's words we can use differnt dies (6 or 8 mm) and same punches (1mm) for all this materials.

I never woked before with airbending, and start to dig out information.
As I understand, that even with same punch I will receive different inside radiuses according to thikness of material , am I right?
On the brakepress i found this table: (if you can't see it well , I attached it)


I can't understand, if radius on this table is suggested or that radius which I will receive?

If somebody have experience with airbending, which parametrs of radius should I put to calculate my flat pattern on Solidworks?

We working on 18 gauge with 8 mm die and 20  gauge with 6 mm die. Does I need to put differnt inside radius when working with this materials- in my example, when I working with 18 gauge, 3/8 die- radius will be 1/16 and when I working with 20 gauge 1/4 die - radius will be 1/32. Or I just need to put 1mm radius and nevermind of all other parametrs as my punch is 1 mm at the end (We bought Wila tooling and all dimensions are in mm)?