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    Need expertise for challenging model

    Simon McDougal

      I've been battling with this model for longer than I can remember and really need some advice...


      I poly modeled this image in Maya in under 10min, but I just can't figure out how to create it in Solidworks. I've got close a few times using a combination of lofts, trims, boundary surfaces... but I just can't get something clean that doesn't have errors.


      Can anyone share their expertise on how they may approach such a model. I can handle the simple cutting of holes, but the main shape is beyond my skills.




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          Jerry Steiger



          You might want to ask this in the Surfacing forum, or just move the thread to there. The folks who hang out there will probably rise to the challenge.


          It might help to also attach your attempts as well.


          I would be inclined to work in surfaces, making it solid only at the very end. I would also start by revolving the bottom and extruding or revolving the top, then trim away some of the bottom to get a good starting point for the transition. I am guessing that most of the transition could be done with Boundary Surfaces. You might end up with some Fill Surfaces.


          Jerry S.

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            Ben Arciniega

            Don't know if you have tried this option or not, or if it would even help. But you may try to use a basic loft, I would begin by sketching the bottom profile, and then for your circle profile, I would sketch a multi faced polygon instead of a true circle, I would match the number of edges on the bottom profile to the number of edges on the "circle".

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              Matt Lombard

              Out of curiosity, does this part have to be moldable when you're done with the CAD? If so, you may want to figure out how you're going to mold it before you put a lot of effort into a model you're going to have to tear apart again.


              Here's what I would do. Revolve the  base, and then cut away anything that is not axisymmetrical. Make the cut so you can use it to blend into other geometry (easier said than done, I know).

              Sweep/extrude the handle to the point where it starts to get swoopy.

              Then start blending the stuff you know with the stuff you don't know.

              Definitely all surfaces.

              Other than small fillets around the holes, I don't see any use for fillets on this part.

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                  Simon McDougal

                  The piece is going to be slip cast for ceramics. Just creating a prototype to be printed.


                  Thanks for this tips. I have something starting to work nicely. Used revolved base surfaces, lofted handle, loft between handle and base... the key has been not using fillets at all (as recommended). I have created the "fillet surface" just using boundary surfaces. A little more tweaking and should be good!


                  Thanks heaps everyone... will post image when done.

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                  Kevin Quigley

                  If the part is to be slip cast/printed why not just print direct from Maya, save as a STL. I also thought Maya could save as IGES? I have a few associate who use Maya with SolidWorks and they use IGES to go between the two.