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Importing in 3DM, IGS, RPT, then exporting as an STL

Question asked by Seb Baucutt on Oct 15, 2012
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Hi there,


I am a student, new to the forum and looking for a fair bit of help. I was recently on work experience with a large yacht design company in the UK, and whilst there completed a design project of my own choosing. They allowed me to take away the designs to be rapid prototyped at school, and invited me back once I had completed them.

However, the file types that I have are one of either IGS, 3DM, or RPT, having been exported from rhino. Once I import them into Solidworks, they are immediately flagged up by the import diaganostics, as they have 'faulty faces and gaps'. Due to the complexity of the hull surface, I am struggling to see how to fix all 109 of these problems and thus was wondering if anyone would be able to assist either by seeing it as a challenge or walking me through how to do it?

I will happily send the design via email, mine is *baucutts (at) tonbridge-school (.) org*.


Many Thanks


Seb Baucutt


P.s. 3dm file now attached as requested


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