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Cannot add key points in Motion Analysis?

Question asked by Ben Cowden on Oct 15, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2012 by Jim Boland

Hello all,


I am modelling a series of pendula, which I want to animate.

I am using Motion Analysis to get the most realistic application of gravity on the pendula.

What I want is for each pendulum to begin its motion at a different time during the animation (first one right away, then the second one a few seconds later, etc.)

But what I am finding is that I cannot add key points and "tween" animations in Motion Analysis.

When I add them, I get a mouse-over message that says they don't work except in "Assembly Motion studies" (see attached image)

Dragging components and adding Key Points works fine in Animation mode, but gravity is not available.

Is it really impossible to use gravity and key points in one animation?

Any advice on how to make a component move and then be effected by gravity partway through?

I am baffled. Any help would be warmly received.

I am using Solidworks 2009.