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Assembly Toolbox files?

Question asked by Patrick Moody on Oct 15, 2012

I have a user who had saved some assemblies with a toolbox flag. For a little background, we use PDM Workgroup.


When I look in the toolbox references directory, the assembly is listed. However, in the toolbox it isn't. I can't even add it to the toolbox if I want to. I also can't take it out of the toolbox, as it has uses in assemblies in the vault, and will not let me replace the toolbox version with a non-toolbox version.


Why on earth does SolidWorks allow toolbox flags on the assembly files if you can't use them in the toolbox itself? How might I go about putting the file in a location (even in the toolbox) that will allow all assemblies to find it properly?


Any help with my confusion is appreciated.