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Welding two U profiles together and analyse it

Question asked by Thomas Mooren on Oct 16, 2012

Hello, I am thomas and new to this forum. I tried to solf my problems by making tutoraials and checking youtube videos.


I'm working on a Dakar rally chassis as final case study.



For my chassis I drew two U profiles that will slide in eachother and weld on top and bottum to fit. I already did that in the assembly part. Now I want to analyse it on force and torque.


My question is: do i need to fix the U profiles in some way to achief a smothe simulation run? because i already welded it up in the assembly screen or do i need to use the "Connections advisor" --> Edgeweld --> Fillet Single Sided In that case what shall i select for thin or thick one surface is 2mm thick so that is simply to select, but on the 90deg angle i don't know what to select.



Hopefully someone can give me the golden tip or idea. Our teachers of nowadays know .....




I already did a rollcage in solidworks simulation and that went well!





Thank you!Schermafbeelding 2012-10-16 om 15.29.19.png