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How to set Manditory Variables for Models with only one configuration?

Question asked by Aaron Duncan on Oct 15, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2020 by Wayne Marshall

I have a part with just one configuration.


When I bring it into the vault I get two tabs on the data card, one as an "@" and one as a "Default".


My issue is that for our parts, I have "Part Number" and "Drawing Number" set as Manditiory Variables, and in the case above the part does not have these entered in the Default configuration as they are not needed.


"@" tab

EPDM at tab.jpg

"Default" tab

EPDM default tab.jpg


EPDM Part Configs.jpg

File Properties - Custom - set via Properties Tab

EPDM File Props 1.jpg


File Properties - Configuration Specific

EPDM File Props 2.jpg

I hope someone can help me here as this "functionality" in EPDM is stopping me from being able to use the vault as I want.