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    View palette for AutoCAD

    Brandon Osborne

      At one time I had AutoCAD 2008 and Solidworks 2008 or 2009. I had a view palette in AutoCAD that could create views that were linked to Solidworks model files. After upgrading to AutoCAD 2011 I lost the view palette and after doing some research found out it was because the view palette only supports AutoCAD 2008 and earlier. It wasn't something that I used all the time but some of our customers want detailing done in AutoCAD. In some cases I am still designing but the detail drawings need to be started and it made keeping the dwg up to date easy. Any help on an alternative or maybe how to get the view palette back? Thanks!

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          John Burrill

          I was in a similar situation and tried using view palette a couple of times.  However, the tool was so unstable and difficult to predict that I didn't feel like I would get the same results if I opened a DWG containing it   I think the capability was introduced to bolster DWGEditor's standing as a substitute for AutoCAD.  Solidworks released it around the same time Autodesk allowed you to insert inventor files into an AutoCAD drawing (didn't work if they had assembly features, btw)  Anyway, SW added it to DWGEdtior and released a plug-in for AutoCAD which stopped working when Autodesk compiled their platforms in Visual Studio 2008.  After that, SW got into that lawsuit with Autodesk and settled-agreeing to sunset DWGeditor-renamed 2Deditor in it's last release and let Draftsight step in as the AutoCAD subscription spoiler.

          I eventually stopped using the view palette in favor of the 'copy to dwg format' tool.

          The result wasn't linked back to the solidworks file, but it was more stable and usable.  In your situation, I would try to move your export process all the way down the line to the printing stage and build your drawings in Solidworks.

          AutoCAD comes with a design checker for making little adjustments to dimension styles, text and other formatting that might not translate correctly on export.

          I'd look into using that to get your finished drawings.

          Everything else is going to be a lot of extra work


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              Brandon Osborne

              Thanks for the great response but sadly I knew I wasn't going to like what I read. When you copy from Solidworks to dwg is that for a dwg that is detailed in model space? That is the main reason I normally pass on detailing in Solidworks because I only detail in paper space unless the customer just demands model space detailing. So I'm assuming the view palette doesn't exist in DraftSight?




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                  John Burrill

                  Your assumption is correct.  Draftsight doesn't have it.

                  I get your drift about detailing in paper space.  I was pretty rigid about that at one point especially after all of the improvements to associative dimensioning that came about in 2004-2006.

                  Using the copy to DWG command just places the contents of the currently selected drawing view on the clipboard as AutoCAD entities.  So it's up to you whther you paste them into paperspace or model space.

                  You can have Solidworks export it's drawing

                  sheets to individual paperspace layouts.  But the geometry will be in the layout as opposed to being shown in a paperspace viewport.

                  The objective of my process was to provide electrical and outside contrators a nearly complete DWG in terms of formatting while I spent almost all of my time in Solidworks.  I put a significant ammount of time into tweaking titleblocks, dimensions and conversion tables so that their settings transferred correctly to AutoCAD.  I tried to avoid formatting in AutoCAD because I knew it would be wasted effort if the solidworks model changed.

                  If you need to uphold a company practice of having geometry in model space and borders and notes in paperspace, then I would suggest making your solidworks drawing views just model geometry and dimensions and export them individually and use the paste-as-block option in AutoCAD/DRaftsight to place them in model space over your previous version-leaving them as blocks until you delete the old graphics.