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    Video Card compatibility w/win 7 64 bit

    Shane McKenna

      I have a workstation HP Z200, i5, 3.5Ghz, 16g ram, win 7 pro 64bit.  I put my Nvidia quadro FX 3400 in the machine and it runs poorly.  It came out of my xp pro 32bit machine, where it worked fine.  After trying everything I know how to do, I finally checked microsoft for compatability.  http://www.microsoft.com/windows/compatibility/Windows-7/en-us/Browse.aspx?type=Hardware&category=Graphics%20Cards%20%26%20Components&subcategory=Graphics%20Cards&showallcats=true&sort=ProductNameAsc&page=283


      Only two Quadro FX cards are being shown as compatable.  Is this accurate, or is it just that these are the only ones tested?  I don't have a lot of spare change right now, and want to make a good value choice.  What are you running with your win 7 64bit?