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    Tell me your SolidWorks tips!

    Ash Combe

      Hello Everyone,


      I would like to open a discussion for all you SolidWorks experts out there to help noobs like me get a better grip of workflow and as a common place for all those little tips that help speed up design, make things clearer to look at quickly, those handy tools that unless your told about them you simply don’t know they exist, or anything you guys do that you think us noobs would benefit from. No matter how silly your tip might seem to you, there are probably plenty of us that will think it’s great to know!


      If anyone does know of any threads on this topic please let me know as I’d love to read them.



      For example :


      In sketches, I like to use construction lines with vertical or horizontal relationships to keep other geometry aligned to one another instead of simply putting the relationship directly to that geometry. I find it’s much clearer to me to quickly see what is aligned.