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    Saving a Sketch

    Brad Reinagle

      In Pro/E you can save a Sketch file, it is saved as a .sec file.

      Then you can use this sketch file in  other models kind of like a library part.

      In Pro/E you just hit save while in the Sketch and it saves the file.


      Is there a way to save a sketch file in Solidworks so it can be re-used in other models?

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          Mark Kaiser

          I think the way you'll want to go is to save the sketch as a block.  Then you can save the block in a convienent place.

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            Anna Wood

            Read up on the Design Library in SolidWorks.





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              Wayne Schafer

              Anna makes a good suggestion.  You can add a folder to the Solidworks Design Library on your worksation called sketches and save the sketches as a block (Mark's suggestion) in the sketch folder.  Then when you start a new sketch and want to insert a common sketch you have done in the past you would just have to insert the block(sketch) you have saved in the design library.

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                Richard Wehmeyer

                Adding to the previous posts:  I have found it useful to explode the block after placement.  If you choose to do this be sure to add dimentions to the block if you are saving a dimentioned sketch and remove vertical and horizontal relaions if the sketch can have differant orientations.

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                  John Burrill

                  Brad, as a precaution, keep in mind that while SW has a couple of ways to produce functionality similar to Pro-E in this area (add the sketch to a part, insert the part into another and tell it to show sketches.  To modify, select the imported part feature and click 'edit in context' on the RMB menu) but these methods aren't part of Solidworks integrated product tree paradigm, so pdm and Solidworks explorer functionality may be incomplete in terms of file management and revision control and metadata.

                  for example, if you are using a library feature with 'link to file' enabled and go to check the referencing part into the vault, Workgroup PDM doesn't include the referenced library feature file in the list of references to check-in.

                  Interestingly enough, it does include the sketch block file if you link that, so that may be a good plan.