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best way to make these cuts

Question asked by Jesse Katz on Oct 11, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2012 by Paul Salvador

Ran into a couple things that have got me scratching my head.


1) Need to make a series of cuts that essentially revolve around a cylinder, while following a guide path, while maintaining the correct orientation relative to the cylinder. Only way I've been able to acheive anything close to what I need so far was to do a sweep-cut, but I don't think that's actually 'right'. Need the cut line to remain perpendicular to the cylinder as it revolves around the cylinder and follows the guid path, and am not 100% sure that's what it's doing. Have also tried using lofted cut and that seems like it would be the correct tool, but am struggling with it and not getting the desired results - as shown in the 1st screen-capture. The two blue highlighted boxes represent the profiles, and have tried using all different kinds of guide paths. The cut path should extend all the way in to the cylinder, instead of making that gradual transition away from the cylinder as shown.


2) Is there a way to make a similar feature (cut) from something like the end-face down to the depth of a guide-line? Sort of like what's showm in the 2nd screen capture, but would follow the curved line instead of stopping at the depth of the vertex.


The 3rd screen capture shos what I'm actually trying to model. It's a series of fins that radiate out from a cylinder, but if you were to look at it from one of the end-faces, they're not all the same length. So when I make a revolve-cut around the cylinder, it creates that wavy profile. Need to be able to machine-out those pockets in order to create the fins, and the end-mill has to remain permendicular to the cylinder. Is this making any sense?