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Design Table Tolerance Not Showing Up

Question asked by Sam Tehven on Oct 12, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2012 by Dony Juniar Abdullah

I am trying to automate a project I am working on and can't get the dimension tolerances to show up or update in the design table.


On the sketch, I have several dimensions (all of which pull straight from the design table). I have named each one of the dimensions (i.e. PIN_OD@MAIN_SKETCH).  In the design table, PIN_OD@MAIN_SKETCH pulls in just fine and updates the model just fine. 


When I try to add the $TOLERANCE@PIN_OD@MAIN_SKETCH as "BILATERAL; 0.000; 0.020", it will not update the model and the tolerances won't pull from the model when I open the table.


Does anyone have any idea why this won't work?  Do I have some syntax wrong somewhere? Do I need to name the tolerance somehow?


Thanks in advance!