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    Automating the Updating of Part numbers and Descriptions

    Joel Johnson

      We are just converting are drawing to 3D and Solidworks.  Currently we have a bunch of drawing that just call out the material as the part number.  This material is mainly sheets that are being cut into deferent sizes.  Maybe 5 different types on materials per drawing and each material may get cut into 4 different sizes.    


      One way I started with was making the part the same number as the assembly and each size and material would be a different configuration.   The BOM would show the custom part number and the descriptions that were entered in for each configuration.  Then that BOM will show the thickness length and width base on the part model.  My boss didn’t like this because if a material was made obsolete we still need to go in and manually update each drawing. 


      Now I’m thinking about splitting up the part files base on the material that it uses, like MaterialPartNumber-DrawingNumber.  If a material changes I can pull all the part files for the material into a folder and run task manager to change the part number and description.

      Does anyone have other ideas on how to do this or the best way to implement this in Solidworks?