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Online help system ala DS

Question asked by Gerald Davis on Oct 11, 2012

I recently inserted a flat pattern into a production drawing with a small scale - the bend direction notes were cluttered.  Desiring but not recalling how to insert a Bend Table, I launched the SW Help and typed in Bend Table.  Something is different.


  • The Help System look is less familiar, but slick in a EU way nonetheless.
  • It launched faster and found my query with élan.  So much so that I hoped it was because of Jim W. & crew and not just a good day with Comcast.
  • The content for the bend table seemed more thorough than I recalled it being from just a few month(s) ago.
  • Thread ref's to discussion forum are still of variable value, but potentially useful.


I like this attention to the Help system.  Presumably on going!


Alas, the rebranding still makes me wistful.  My SolidWorks tee shirts are becoming rare collectors' items.


The Bend Table is a nice addition to the UI, too.