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    Dummy Users - EPDM

    Kevin Stickels

      Our company uses Windows Login and the security is rather strict so to test workflows, permissions, etc. I usually have to make a "best guess" and get a couple of guinea pigs to test. If I could create dummy users for each group, I could test easier. However, the Win login does not seem to want ot allow me to create users not in the AD. Anyone else experienced this? A workaround?

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          Jim Sculley

          Get your IT department to make you some new users.  My normal windows login username is jsculley, but I had our IT folks create jsculley-admin as another login so that I could do admin stuff and so that I could differentiate between changes I made and those made by our other admin.


          Jim S.

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            Michael Dekoning



            I assume by the statement that your company's security policy is strict means that IT doesn't want to create "dummy" accounts. For testing purposes, you really should set up a test vault and use SolidWorks Enterprise PDM login.

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              Jeff Sweeney

              If your users are only inheriting rights from the groups they belong to you can test as yourself. Take yourself out of all groups except for the group you want to test. You can quickly change from group to group and see how your environment changes.


              Just make sure you have access to the ADMIN password in case you put yourself into a group and suddenly cannot take yourself out!