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Issues with keyboard shortcuts and Force Regen (Ctrl+Q)

Question asked by Thomas Sherer on Oct 11, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2012 by Deepak Gupta

     So, my department has been running SolidWorks since about 2008, and we always had the functionality to do a force regen (Ctrl+Q) on both a part or assembly. Since we use a lot of external references, it became a relatively good habit and general practice of using it to verify everything was in place at just about any time (assembly, part, and drawing). Due to a bug that misplaces external references, I was forced to remove this Ctrl + Q keyboard shortcut from most of our users' settings. Now, we need to reinstate that functionality, and SolidWorks does not seem to be able to make that keyboard shortcut work for BOTH Parts and Assemblies. I can only define it for one at a time, so we have a perceived loss of functionality. How was it that my shortcut used to be capable of performing two commands and now can only be set for one?


Any ideas or thoughts appreciated. I know I can reload their settings and get them back, but do I even want to do that? Is Ctrl + Q acting as both "Force Regen" AND "force regen the top level assembly" a bad thing that we are just used to having? Maybe a leftover from an older version when they were not separate commands?