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    Home Use License

    Steve Stewart

      My engineering department mixed up the HUL and SL licenses and used our HUL when activating some seats, I have since corrected it to the proper license.  One of the drafters tried to use one of the HUL at home to finish a project but it stated we are out of seats available.  I only have two seats being used of the six seats we have, I’m sure it was caused by me not checking the HUL seats back in when I corrected the license numbers at work. How can I recover the unused seats?

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          Denny Bahl


          Contact your VAR and tell them the story and they should be able to resolve your situation with corporate. I had a similar situation where I had home use licenses out there and the people quit but did not check the licenses back in and my VAR was able to free those licenses.

          Best of luck,