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Looking for Macro or program to pull part numbers

Question asked by Troy Janka on Oct 10, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2012 by Troy Janka

Hi All,


What im looking for is a macro or some sort of add-in that will pull part Or assy numbers by looking at an excel spreadsheet.

We would like to be able to stay in solidworks without going into excel or some other program to do this.  We do not use a pdm and

have no desire to go down that path "just getting that out".  We use a wide arrange of part numbers and would like to be able to grab the

next number by using a three & four diget pre-fix number to grab our next 8 diget number in line"see example attached".  Also with some

sort of pop-up box would appear like the highlighted yellow area in solidworks.  Is this wishful thinking or is there something out there.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated even if I need someone to wright this for me,







I added a zip file with a macro that i found on the web, doesnt do what i want it to do but how much work would it take to modify what im looking for, any takers.