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IGES file missing faces, 2012 sp 4.0

Question asked by Elena Dent on Oct 10, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2012 by Elena Dent

My company routinely exports files as IGES for outside machining and recently has had trouble with faces in the IGES file being missing.  We don't notice until the outside shop calls and tells us we've got a problem with the file and my boss, who doesn't really like Solidworks and doesn't use it, is having fits.


I was exporting with the options

IGES solid/surface type 144

Surface representation/System preference STANDARD


This was consistantly losing important faces


Using type 144 with NURBS still lost a face, but only a simple through hole (and only one thru hole... others were fine, huh?)  The recipient just e-mailed me that that file was ok, he could use it.


So my question: Should we use STEP files instead of IGES?  Is there some setting/diagnostic/whatever I can use to be sure the files actually export properly?  The odd thing is that if I export to IGES, import the file to Solidworks, run the diagnostic, fix an offending face, save-as the same IGES file name, (which it does successfully) then import the file into Solidworks again a DIFFERENT face can have a problem, which can be diagnosed and corrected, save-as, open again, and another face has a problem, diagnose, fix... I really don't want to spend the entire day on this endless loop of find/fix/save/repeat.