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    Do you update software every year ??

    Don McBride

      HI Everybody


      Just a general question as newish to Solidworks and Epdm world


      Does everybody upgrade every year or every two years to some other time frame ?


      The reason I asked is with the Local IT department as well as interstate IT department and Cad Users and 2 lots of Management, all taking a lot of time to do the upgrade from 2011 to 2012 ,  all I can see is a month of lost time every year, or it could be too many cooks.


      Many thanks



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          John Layne

          It's tempting to skip releases unless there is something that you desperately need from the latest release. Having said that, when I was contracting I used to upgrade every year usually on SP4.0 (when everyone else has done the bug testing).


          Large assemblies / complex models don't always update as expected -- mates flipping geometry changing unexpectedly  in complex models is the norm rather than the exception in my experience.


          In a larger company, I'd set up a test machine and see what damage, if any, the upgrade does to your models. Then wait for SP4.0 or 5.0 and upgrade when everyone is on holiday.

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            Jeff Holliday

            Updating by using the "admin image" approach can save time by not requiring each seat to download the changes. It can also assist in keeping everyone on the same version.

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              Steve Ostrovsky

              2013 has a CAD Admin panel in the Customer Portal now along with a Deployment option in the Admin Image. I would certainly go take a look at those for future needs. With a little testing between now and 2013 SP2/3 you could have a an easier time of it.


              I've seen plenty customers skip versions because of this as well and wait for SP4/5 when they upgrade as well as others who have spent time to streamline upgrades and do it every year.

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                Jerry Steiger



                We upgrade on an as-needed basis. We are quite likely to stagger the upgrade, so that projects underway will quite often not upgrade until a good break point, such as after introduction. Right now we are all on 2010, as we had no compelling reason to upgrade with 2011 or 2012. We will probably switch to 2013 after a suitable number of service packs. If it seems reasonably stable early on,  then we will be able to upgrade everyone. If it stretches out too long, then we will have projects that are too heavily involved to switch.


                Jerry S.

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                  Don McBride

                  Thanks All for your replies


                  My thoughts are along Jerry's idea, as all the machines are stilll on xp64 and are under a year old.


                  We only have 7 seats at this location and found the admin image upgrading from 2011 to 2012 very slow like an hour plus per machine


                  Anyway  Cheers to all for now Don