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Question asked by Mitch Dohman on Oct 9, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2012 by Mitch Dohman

I am having some issues with our shared toolbox.  My support from our Vendor seemed lacking if I must say so.  He had no idea why we would want to use a shared library over each having a single user one.


Any way...I am constantly getting failed to save error.  I constantly have the ~ with the file name in the actual directory.  That means that the file is open and being used.  It should not be doing this should it?  I was under the understanding that Solidworks only  made the document non-read only when you go to save an a new component in it, otherwise it was read only so that everybody could add and not have the issue I am having.  I physically watch my folder fill up with the temp files while another guy opened an assembly.


Is there any good and detailed information out there on how to set up solidworks toolbox properly in a multi user environment.