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How to make Gear mates respond on moving components

Question asked by Michael Kalin on Oct 9, 2012
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I have an assembly consisting of two levers connected by a motor. Lever one, at its base, has a motor which rotates it 180 degrees. At the end of lever 1 is the base of lever 2, and the motor connecting them is supposed to rotate lever 2 270 degrees. So in the initial set up, both levers are flat, then lever 1 swings over and reverses direction, while lever 2 goes along for the right and in the end is facing downward.


The problem is a gear mate (a 1.5:1 ratio would suffice so that 180 in lever 1 gives 270 in lever 2) does NOT respond when the levers are connected by a concentric mate. If they are separate entities, it works, but otherwise they act like they are parallel. I realize it is because the second part of the gear mate, the base of lever 2 with the motor, is moving. Is there any work around or other possible solution for this?


This is for a customer so I don't have the actual files, I just made a simplified assembly using scrap solid parts that is mated the exact same way.