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First Time Use of Motion-Study Help

Question asked by Jesse Helms on Oct 9, 2012

Thanks to anyone that can help...


I am attempting to set up a simplified motion study to try to determine a needed force. I have never done a motion study before, so I was hoping I could get some pointers.....Im not asking anyone to do it for me, I just want to learn and apply it to something I have worked on in the past.


Attached is a screen shot of what I am trying to do, hopefully it is enough information. I basically have a load on a tilted deck that is being raised to a horizontal position. The roller that is shown is part of a larger subassembly that travel at roughly .5ft/sec and when it moves it push the deck up.


Im really not sure where to start here. I am trying to move the roller forward and determine how much force is needed to lift the deck to a horizontal position. I have ordered some material to maybe help me figure this out but I figured I through this out there to see if anyone can help.


Any advice or pointers on where to start would be much appreciated.


I am runnig SW 2012 Premium SP 3.0 63 bit right now for the purpose of this study.