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    "R" key not showing models

    Carl Kauffman

      I use this fantastic short cut key many times a day.


      Today, this function decided to stop working properly.


      When I hit the "R" key, all my view boxes are blinking "LOADING", but nothing ever shows.


      Any suggestions?

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          Anna Wood

          Try restarting your computer.


          Also try a Ctrl-Q rebuild.


          Do you have Microsoft Updates set to automatically apply updates?  Did you video card driver get updated over the weekend?  What other things might your IT department have done over the last few days?





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            John Sweeney

            Hi Carl,

            The "Loading..." text is shown for any non-local file as we are retrieving the image.  Since this action may be slower then retrieving images from local files, we create a separate thread to grab the images and we display the "Loading..." text while the thread is processing the network request.


            I'd expect you are having network performance issues, or perhaps the particular server is down, or a mapped network drive or shortcut is no longer valid.


            Best Regards,