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Rule 40?

Question asked by Robert Tupa on Oct 8, 2012
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by Giorgos Georgoudakis

Anyone ever heard of it?  I added M2.5 button head cap screw size to the Toolbox.  I can create the counterbore hole just fine.  But, when I try to insert the matching Toolbox part, I get a message saying "There is no matching size for this component" next to my cursor.  Then it defaults to the last size used.  I can then pick M2.5 from the pull down list but then get a "No values found for rule 40" message.  I made sure to add a few lengths after creating the size in the Toolbox.  But, they are not listed in the length list.

10-8-2012 2-37-05 PM.png

10-8-2012 2-32-05 PM.png