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2D Area calculation inbetween the solid model

Question asked by Stuart Ramella on Oct 8, 2012
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I was just wondering if anybody has a tip for calculating the open area in between a models solid in the 2D drafting environment. I am trying to avoid doing it the other way around by selecting the areas of the solid and subtracting from the total area to give my open area as I have a very complex framework of geometry which would take ages to select and probably result ina mental breakdown (hopefully I’ve explained that clearly :~)


I have contacted my reseller and they haven’t been able to find a way of doing this and what’s worse is I have recently moved from Solid Edge where this function was available.


Any advice would be greatly received.REPLY 1(I dont seem to be able to press the reply button on the message so I have had to edit the mesasge) - Hi Chris, thanks for the reply, I have hopefully attached a image of the simplest side of the model I am looking to find the open area of. This is probably the easiest one to do but I cant upload the other sides due to confidentiality. I have identified one of the areas on the image so you can see that it is the open area of the structure I am looking for a quick way of calculating.







Message was edited by: Stuart Ramella                                REPLY2: Thank you for your advice Chris, I was looking for something a little bit simpler then the convert entity sketch way you describe. When I tried this the selection process was dificult to carry out because there are so many lines (there is a small draftdown each cut out and a radius in each corner), I couldnt find a select chane, Once i select a line by mistake useing ctrl I couldnt unselect and when i convert, it overlays the line in black so i cant see it against the drawing view (I should add that I am new to SW). In Solid Edge you can just click on the area and it will highlight the internal voide hence I was looking for similer simplicity.    Reply 3: Thanks for the advice Jerry, I will give it a go.


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