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    Must simplify a fitted spline before editing?

    Qi Lu





      I simply found that a fitted spline by default does not allow any typical spline operation, and does not have any spline points, and cannot add any Tangency Control or Curvature control.


      After "Simplify Spline", we then would be able to do the normal spline operations. And in fact before "Simplify Spline", the number of "Spline Point" as being displayed by "Simplify Spline" dialogue is zero.


      Could someone explain more on why "Fit Spline" would result in this?




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          Hi Qi,


          Fit spline is simply what the name implies - it "fits" a spline over existing geometry thereby becoming a child or slave of whatever it is fitted to (I believe the parametric option is on by default). If you want to modify the fit spline, you can - you modify the underlying geometry. There are times when I have two or three splines that I want to make a single spline. If I know that I'll want to adjust the Fit spline, I dimension the vectors and magnitudes of my underlying splines (or arcs lines etc.) BEFORE Fit spline over them. If you decide after the face (Fit spline) you can use select-other to get to the base geometry to modify or dimension it.