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No auto relief when inserting a sketch bend

Question asked by Kris Froehlich on Oct 5, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2012 by Bernie Daraz

Hello, I have a sheet metal part profile that I need to insert bends into so I can double check that it can be formed correctly. I have 2 qeustions.


First, when I insert a sketched bend onto the part like in the attached file; it will only allow the bend to complete if I have the "bend position" set to BEND outside. I would like to set the bend to Material outside but I get an error. "This part contains features that can not be unbent"  From what I can tell, the problem is there is no relief to allow the bend. If I manually add a circle extruded cut in the corner the bend can now be completed. WHY DOESN'T THE AUTO RELIEF FEATURE KICK IN AND ADD A TEAR FOR ME? This would be much easier then manually inserting each extruded cut.


My second question. By going through this process will Solidworks automatically "stretch" or add the needed material to compensate for the bend allowance when I flatten the part and send it to the laser to have is cut out?


If there is an easier way to go about this Im all ears. Thanks for any help.   Oh, Im using Solidworks 2010 on Windows 7.