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Fin modelling problem

Question asked by Tom Arthur on Oct 5, 2012
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I'm doing a job which requires me to model a surfboard fin... based on a pre-defined profile, which I am trying to match exactly.


The problem I have is that the surface modelling method i'm using, requires the edges to be rounded as the last step... which means the fin shrinks considerably away from my outline. Please see attached image (the sketch line is my target outline... used to create the shapewith lofted profiles). I've also attached the part.


Can anyone suggest a better method so that I end up with the exact side profile, whilst maintaining good control over the cross section. I don't necessarily need to use surface modelling over solid, but it seems to me that I would have the same problem.


I'm trying to end up with a clean model which can be exported as an stl and rapid prototyped.


Thanks in advance.