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Need help with DXF output

Question asked by Patrick Moody on Oct 5, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2012 by Frank Krockenberger

I have a user that is having a problem. We need to sketch the bend lines of a flat pattern part as a basically custom dashed line. But we need it to output on a DXF as separate lines. Reason is, we need to have a sketch, wether on the part or on a drawing, for laser perforations. The program for the laser uses DXF files for input. We can't just add features, as the features have thickness and will cause failures in the cutting program.


We will need to input the line length and spacing as required, so it won't be one size fits all. We need to be able to modify it.


I tried custom linetypes, but when exported, they export as single solid lines. We can't keep the custom spacing or explode.