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Mapping AutoCAD "Custom Properties" not blocks to EPDM

Question asked by Nathan Ostrander on Oct 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2015 by Jeff Sweeney

First of all, let me say thanks to anyone who can help me on this endeavor.


We are in the process of trying to eliminate a problem in our company in regards to AutoCAD files.  The problem we are having is that when users are editing AutoCAD files, they sometimes delete the blocks off of the drawing layout to place a different titleblock, or because they say it does not belong there, thus causing EPDM to glitch when trying to read/write the variables to the drawing files (.dwg).  We have searched extensively for a solution and cannot seem to find exactly what it is that we are looking for.  What we want to do is map our variables in EPDM to the AutoCAD document "Custom" properties tab and not to a specific block within the drawing.  By doing this, we could then have different blocks defined for use that utilize the native AutoCAD "fields" capabilities within defined block attributes to display the values of the specified "Custom" property in the document.


This would also prevent us from having to do the following:


1. We would no longer have to place a block with each variable in the model space and ever single layout.

2. We would prevent the event of errors when a user mistakenly or purposely deletes the "fake" title block or revision history blocks in the model space or any layout.

3. We could eliminate the need to map multiple differnt blocks to EPDM just to map and display the variables.

4. There would not a need to manually delete the "fake" blocks within any given drawing prior to delivering it to our end customer(s).


I have attached a screen shot of the document tab we want to map EPDM to to prevent confusion.


If this is not possible in EPDM without and add-in than we believe that this has to be one of the first enhancements to the system, not to mention the inability to send emails to addresses or users based on variable values.  This just seems like a major oversight as EPDM is capable to map to the custom properties of all other files but not AutoCAD files.


Once again, if anyone can be of assistance, we would be much obliged.