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Is there a way to set up configuration specific smart components?

Question asked by Kevin Hogan on Oct 4, 2012

I am trying to add mounting hardware to our standard bearing as a smart components. I have had good sucess so far, but am now running into a problem with a pillow block bearing due to the mounting hole pattern changes from a 2 bolt mount to a 4 bolt mount within the same part.


with in the part it has two different feature for the two different bolt patterns, instead of using on common hole. So for the two bolt, i had no problem, but for the four bolt, im not seeing an easy way to set this up since the smart component does not allow you to suppress mates or even parts.


basically what i need to find a way to set up the smart component hardware to change not only with the holes sizes, but the pattern as well.


I want to use smart components so that way its a very easy way to add the mounting hardware in our assemblies, without bloating the basic part with a design table, or making a seperate assembly.


Thanks in Advance


Kevin J Hogan