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    Missing PDMW check-in dialog

    Geoff Daly

      Hi there,


      I usually work on three monitors on my Dell M4600 (left, laptop monitor in dock, right) with SW open on the left monitor.  When I undock the laptop and work on the road some SW dialog windows still want to open up on the left monitor even though it's not connected. 


      At the moment I am having issues with the PDMW check-in dialog box going missing.  Other dialog boxes seem to work fine.


      I have tried the nVidia settings and most of the other solutions in this thread: https://forum.solidworks.com/message/295189#295189 but none seem to work.


      Maybe there's a registry hack as per this missing measure box issue?: https://forum.solidworks.com/message/159575#159575


      If there are any SW employees watching - it seems this type of issue is not just a one-off.  Is it possible for SW to detect which monitors are present, and only render dialog windows onto those?


      Your help greatly appreciated.

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          Tom Helsley

          Try this:


          If using win XP, in your task bar:

          1. RMC on the button for the window that you can't access.
          2. select "Move" DON'T move your mouse.
          3. Press your arrow keys until the window begins to appear on your screen.


          If using Windows 7:

          1. Hover over the icon in the task bar for your missing window, or the application.
          2. for the preview window that appears RMC on the desired
          3. select "Move" DON'T move your mouse.
          4. Press your arrow keys until the window begins to appear on your screen.


          Once you get it back in the screen, you can move your mouse around without dragging to get the window where you want it.



          Last thing - and most important if you want to avoid doing the steps above.  If you are constantly going from multiple displays, to one, etc. then you should turn off the "Remember Window Positions" option in SolidWorks Explorer...


          SWE Local Settings.png