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Missing PDMW check-in dialog

Question asked by Geoff Daly on Oct 3, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2012 by Tom Helsley

Hi there,


I usually work on three monitors on my Dell M4600 (left, laptop monitor in dock, right) with SW open on the left monitor.  When I undock the laptop and work on the road some SW dialog windows still want to open up on the left monitor even though it's not connected. 


At the moment I am having issues with the PDMW check-in dialog box going missing.  Other dialog boxes seem to work fine.


I have tried the nVidia settings and most of the other solutions in this thread: but none seem to work.


Maybe there's a registry hack as per this missing measure box issue?:


If there are any SW employees watching - it seems this type of issue is not just a one-off.  Is it possible for SW to detect which monitors are present, and only render dialog windows onto those?


Your help greatly appreciated.