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    A 3Dspline tangent to a circle

    Pet Peever



      The spline of the sketch 3Dsketch3 is defined with 2 points.


      So, it's very strange that it's in black, since a spline needs at least 3 points


      But I want a tangent relation with the circle of the Surface-Revolve2, and then I get some red.


      It's very funny, because when a curve is totally defined, it remains in blue (see my thread


      and I can drag this curve all around the sketch.


      When the curve has still degress of freedom, it is in black, and it's impossible to get what I want otherelse than to create a construction line (impossible to define others relations than with lines, with some tangent vector of a spline) !!!!

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          Jerry Steiger



          I can't open your part, so this is going to be a little difficult to work out. If you could post some images it might help.


          A two-point spline without any tangency conditions should be a straight line. If it is not a straight line, then it must have some other relation that is forcing it out of a straight line. You could have added these relations by manipulating the handles or the control polygon.


          If a spline is tangent on both ends to fully defined arcs and is set to "proportional" in the properties, then it goes black for me. But I can't move it around on the sketch, as the arcs lock it in place.


          If a stand-alone spline is set to proportional, then it can be moved around on the sketch. If one of the end points is fixed, then it will rotate or scale as you drag the other end point.


          Jerry S.