Part "Grouping"

Discussion created by Guest on Jul 7, 2006
I recently came across the answer to this situation. How do you make two seperate model files show up as one item in the bom? The answer is 2-part.
Set the part numbers the same in both models cofigurations.
Set the BOM to 'group configurations with the same name'
By default, each model configuration derives it's partnumber from the file name. You can change this to either use the conifugration name or a user-defined name. In my case, I had two amorphous blobs of epoxy that were the same compound. In each part, I went into configuration manager, and in each configuration (which was one per part) I set the part number to 2407402.
When you create your bom there's a tile in the property manager called 'part configuration grouping'. Expand that and the last item is 'display configurations with the same name as one item' If this radio button is selected, you'll get the quantities combined.
It also means that you can combine configurations with the same part number and still have a family of parts display correctly. The attached zip file contains an example of this.
Now, about the item grouping in the BOM, I don't use it.
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