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    BOM Sub Assembly Not Showing Correctly

    Daniel Andersen

      Solidworks 2012 SP04

      I have an assembly with two Items.  One is a part, Two is a Sub Assembly (consisting of a Modified Purchased Part).

      TOP000000 - Assembly Drawing

      Item 1 - ENG1000000

      Item 2 - ENG2000000


      ENG2000000 Sub Assembly Drawing

      Item 1 - ENG3000000



      In the Bill of Materials for TOP000000

      I get

      Item 1 - ENG1000000

      Item 2 - ENG3000000  (Should be ENG2000000)


      Item 2 should give me the subasembly ENG2000000 instead it gives me the component of that sub assembly ENG3000000



      I'm only into Solidworks for under a year but I know this should be an easy one.  I've tried multiple versions of the BOM's and have not figured it out.


      Any help would be appreciated.