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    Really Small Screws, Nuts and Bolts

    Paul Martin

      I make models for a living and am just starting to use SolidWorks for the designs. My models are small scale models and having just drawn a part and come to put a threaded hole in it I note the hole wizard smallest tapped hole is 2mm.


      2mm is about the largest screw I would use. Typically I use BA sizes 8 -16BA and Metric sizes from 2mm down to 1mm. I have a 1mm countersunk screw on my desk at the moment and was trying to draw it and the custom made tubular nut that goes with it.


      This set me wondering if there is a way to a) teach the hole wizared about these small screws and b) if there was a library of them somewhere to save me drawing them all myself.



      Paul Martin